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The pig represents the last of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals, a completion of the twelve year cycle. The pig is known to be sturdy, generous, determined, etc.

Virgo Horoscope – Virgo Horoscope Yearly Predictions

For those born under the sign of the Pig, luck, success, happiness and fun come with ease. This could also be applied to each of us non piglets. Do something loving for yourself and those you love. Doors opens P. Speaker Starts: P. Adhi offers private healing sessions, mentorships, Ceremonial designs, and teaches all over the world.

Robert W. Energy specimens will be shown and dowsed. I will share the inner secrets from work on color, and the living energy surrounding all of us. Presented by Tommie Mercer is the owner of Starchamber Products International, creator of the Bio-Chromatic Integrator and other amazing subtle energy tools available worldwide. The VEW waters will be distributed in small containers for anyone interested.

We suggest trying your own brand of water then adding VEW at our meeting. A full examination will be given to the VEW waters and how they are made as well as our pure silver and pure 24kt gold VEW colloidal waters. Of course visit our website: NorCalDowsers. As our paper states,.

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Their energy was therefore purer in comparison to our current modern-day practice of standing alone like a single thread, easily broken, and not associated with others. Unlike his ancestors whom he calls upon, we are disconnected from others. This disconnection is hurting us, and also damaging our civilization.

As a shaman he is trying to reestablish the harmonious relationship his ancestors had with Nature and each other on the earth. Sheba was the last surviving animal from the ranch. As all the other animals transitioned to their demise, or we were able to get them adopted over the years. While living on the ranch Sheba and Mr. D would take walkabouts checking out the neighborhood. Occasionally, our banker would let us know that she saw Sheba leading the coyote pack in the morning. Eventually Sheba was the last surviving dog, but started wandering off too far, so she came home with us.

Her isolated ranch life was not working for her. Our older cat, Kahuna eventually tolerated Sheba. Sheba seemed to be adjusting to her surroundings and smaller backyard, and now she had more interaction with us with walks and play time. It seemed that she was not doing well physically after a year or so. She just barely walked around. She seemed to lose her passion for life. I told the neighbor girls, who were also my students. They were sad to hear about Sheba. Seven middle school girls came over to give Sheba love for about an hour in the backyard.

Then, it was time to take her to the vets. She was a different dog. Those seven girls gave much love, joy and inspiration to Sheba. The veterinarian and office staff was surprised, like the rest of us. Sheba lived for a few more years. This experience taught me how the power of love really does heal instantaneously. Love is our greatest gift to ourselves and others.

Predicting 2020, 2021 and 2022 With Astrology

The root reproductive organs being a bright vibrant ruby color. Once the red color is balanced around the body, then move upwards to the naval belly button orange color of like a strong sun or volcano. Repeat a strong orange color around the body, meanwhile also keeping the red root chakra going. Next, focus a white light of God Source or Divine Light energy coming into your body while inhaling your breath. Hold for a few to 10 seconds which ever is comfortable. Then, slowly exhale visually through your heart chakra love, forgiveness, acceptance, etc. The effect is to take a centered loving breath in of Divineness, then bring light to the given situation.

nighmatchnisgicar.ga To solidify this more, one could try exhaling the blue throat chakra light through the green heart chakra. I did this experiment almost two decades ago and it was so powerful that I can still remember it.


Both unrelated and unexpected phone calls received seemed to work within minutes to an hour. At the time I wanted to share this message with everyone and still enjoy knowing that our heart and minds are connected to all. Is there a situation that needs more love in your life? One could even dowse what area of their life needs special attention for more love?

It is the source of all true art and science. Roxanne Louise is the moderator. TBD topic. Call 1. This partial eclipse will most specifically affect people born with personal planets that are 10 to 20 degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Saturn Transit , , & Effects On 12 Moon Signs

It will, of course, influence all of us collectively in some specific area of our life. Kristen will be explaining in detail how these energies will be affecting you personally. RSVP is required to attend as handouts and charts need to be prepared ahead of time. All are welcome, the class is geared to anyone with or without a background in the study of astrology.

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I have only four more years to reach the goal of years of age. I learned to dowse in John Wayne Blassingame and Tony Gehringer were my teachers. I learned from Hanna Kroeger about dowsing the body, and I have used my dowsing for health. I was born December 10, , on a acre farm outside Durango, Colorado. I rode a horse to school and had only one broken bone in my life—a thumb.

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  6. One day, my horse missed a culvert and I fell off. I learned to milk a cow at age five, and I used to squirt a little warm milk in my mouth. We lost the family farm during the Depression and then moved to Durango.