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Libra - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Glamourscopes with Susan Miller. Entertainment This year Taurus April May 20 has a huge opportunity to get ahead in your career.

So get organized and step up to the challenge! Entertainment Gemini May June 20 has a busy and exciting year ahead in The beginning of the year is the best time to get ahead in your career, and as you settle in to a beautiful new home later on, keep your eye out for love!

Glamourscopes with Susan Miller

Cancer Horoscope Best Financial Year in a See what else has planned for you in love, family, and travel with your exclusive Glamourscope. Entertainment Congratulations, Leo July Aug 22 , this year the whole world wants to be you. With an ever-expanding group of powerful friends, now is the time to prioritize your time and achieve what you truly desire.

And if travel is on your mind, think about taking a vacation near the end of March or early May.

Yearly Horoscope

See what else is ahead in with your exclusive Glamourscope. January and February are great times for love, as is November 2nd.

You move rapidly from one thing to another and a hectic, somewhat stressful pace is likely. A minor but rather tense confrontation is likely to happen. Your concentration, dedication and resolute determination to achieve your personal goals is never stronger than now.

go This is a time when you make major changes in yourself and your position in the world. Your long-range goals, life direction, or career aims come into focus now.

You gain clarity or a stronger sense of purpose, which energizes your efforts to get ahead or move toward what you really want. Recognition or support from your superiors or others who are in a position to assist you is likely now, especially if you take some initiative.

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